Divorce in the uae

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Create a 3 page paper that discusses divorce in the uae has increased during the last 2 decades. Why divorce in the UAE has increased during the last 2 decades Introduction Divorce is regarded as one of the serious social problems in any given society. According to government statistics, United Arab Emirates (UAE) experienced a divorce rate of 24 percent in the year 2003 (Sherif 2). There are numerous psychological and economic factors that have led to high divorce rates in UAE. Lack of communication in marriage, early marriages, changing marriage expectations, addiction, child-bearing issues, and financial issues, cultural background of the spouses, the differential in education levels, infidelity and arranged marriages are some of the causes of high divorce rates in UAE (Sherif 8). Divorce leads to severe negative consequences to children and involved parents. Some of the negative impacts of divorce include delinquent behaviour of the parents, psychological trauma, aggression, and nightmares (Hasso, 2011). Thesis statement: poor communication in marriages is the leading cause of the high divorce rates in United Arab Emirates. Causes of high divorce rates in UAE Communication problems in marriages are the leading cause of divorce.

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