Diversity, equity, and inclusion

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Homework

This discussion focuses on the competency “Implement developmentally appropriate and culturally responsive practices” and the transferable skills of communication and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Keep in mind the issues and topics discussed. Consider what you believe about them and what you want to learn more about still as you complete each discussion. You are encouraged to revisit the discussions to reflect on your growth and learning through the coursework to complete your Philosophy of Teaching Statement.

Today, diversity, inclusion, and equity are important topics in early childhood education. With our early childhood programs more diverse than ever before, educators must be aware of how diversity and equity play a part in their everyday interactions and experiences with children and families.


In your initial post:

  • How comfortable are you with the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)?
  • What is an area concerning DEI you need to learn more about?
  • How might you gain a more solid understanding and appreciation of diversity, equity, and inclusion in early childhood education?

This is a sample question

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