Difficulties of modern girls

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Write an article on difficulties of modern girls’ transitional age Paper must be at least 1250 words. Adolescent girls today face a lot of confusion on dating and relationships, which was not experienced by young women in early generations. The older women interviewed when they were growing were not allowed to involve themselves in any sexual activity and it was a taboo in most of the communities for a girl to associate with boys. This was advantageous to the girls since they were eased of the confusion about dating and pre-marital sex, which is now the biggest source of frustration to the young teens. The teen girls disclosed that after their bodies have changed and have started to mature desire to be loved by men. As a result, most of them engage in premature relationships where they end up being hurt since they usually lead to break-ups. Others end up being pregnant and they find a lot of frustration on this state of their bodies, which they never expected. Since at this age they do not have adequate education on sexuality and are not prepared psychologically, physically and financially to have a baby they end up being further depressed (Resh & West, 2009). The consequences of this are abortions and babies being born and thrown away or even sold to people with bad motives. All these problems of relationships and sexuality make it difficult for the girl child to maneuver smoothly through this stage of adolescence.In the past according to the women contacted, young women tended to move from childhood to adulthood directly and marriage, which used to be done at an early age acted as the turning point. After marriage, the woman adopted all adult responsibilities and would start her household immediately. The situation today has greatly changed as reflected by the feedback of the girls interviewed and the system of education has been prolonged hence girls have to spend the better part of their youth studying.

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