Different ways of approaching nutrition

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Essay Discover different ways of approaching nutrition, how it impacts our daily lives and what choices we can make to improve our health and our world. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.ing, various health related predicaments such as high cholesterol levels that is responsible for unhealthy heart condition which may lead to high blood pressure and stroke, cancers of various tissues and organs, deformity of bones due to excessive body weight, osteoporosis, hypoglycemia even after consuming the food,anemia, diabetes, stones in kidney or gallbladder, ulcers in various parts of body, multiple sclerosis and asthma could be prevented.The reader is bound to change the eating habit from non-vegetarian diet to healthy vegetarian diet. The book highlights the importance of vegetarian diet intake by focusing on issues that arise due to social, economical and personal quandary due to ill-health. Human beings must care for other inhabitants of the planet by avoiding non-vegetarian diet, this is a step towards healthy life. The author gave utmost importance to the vegetarian diet to lead a happy and contented life and grow to be healthy grandparents free from health dilemmas. The author wrote that it is the prime responsibility of every individual to create an environment that is healthy for coming generations too which is possible by consuming eatables that initiate good health.The book selected is “Diet for a New America” by John Robbins. The book is selected as it provides a new insight to the Americans about their diet and diet style and generates concern about the environment and its conservation. animals and their protection for ethical and moral reasons. The book is carefully and methodologically written and American diet is well researched. The author took efforts to understand the imperative issue as non-vegetarian diet generates health hazards , non-vegetarian nutrition is poorly appreciated in actual sense. People eat what is pleasing to tongue and do not realize to eat what is good to keep them fit and healthy in all senses.John Robbins (D.O.B= 26/10/1947), author from America. He is a son of Irma and Baskin Robbins who run an ice-cream

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