Designing organizational effectiveness

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Write a 3 page essay on Designing for organizational Effectiveness.

Companies can adopt organization effectiveness technique as a parameter to assess growth and the rate at which goals are attained. There are numerous methods that can be used to conceptualize how organizations work. For instance, Gareth Morgan described a model that can be used to study organization effectiveness. In the model, Gareth uses metaphors to study organizational effectiveness. that is, machine, organism and brain (Morgan 17). Machine in used as a metaphor for explaining the mechanical aspect of organizational effectiveness. It seeks to investigate issues such as complexity in structure, competition and random changes that take place in the organization’s external environment. It is important to identify that the system of command within an organization influences its effectiveness. In addition, the functioning of an organization is dependent on its structure.

Complex structures and systems of command are sometimes confusing and, therefore, result in dismal performance of an organization (Daft 79). Structures within an organization should be simple and easy to work with in order to boost efficiency and performance. In essence, research has shown that bureaucracy in organizational structure is a core determinate of performance in any enterprise. Organization structures that facilitate good customer relations and conducive working environment have proved to be the best in management.

However, different organizational structures fit different organizations. In this regard, enterprises should conduct comprehensive research when deciding the type of structure to adopt. Competition in the market highly influences the performance of an enterprise. For an organization to survive in a competitive environment, certain measures must be put in place to ensure that operations are not interrupted. It is essential for an organization to study the surrounding environment cognitively in order.

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