Demand function

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1,2,3,4,and 5. details belowAttachment 1Attachment 2Attachment 3+ Thepen‘ettMatEh-watth onlirii x l .1; Cengage x “A MTH‘l‘lEAx:ignmant#A15(6.7j x u NegativeNewsRewite.doEx x l + — (- -) G i httpsymmwebassignhetMeWStudenthssignment-Responses?asthep:20335B95 El i} 6 IE I lo The demand function for a certain brand of CD is given by p = —o.o1;<2 — o.2x + aw ere p is the unit price in dollars and X is the quantity demanded each week measured in units of a thousand. The supply function is given byp = oolx2 + ow + 2 where p is the unit price in dollars and X stands for the quantity that will be made available in the market by the supplier, measured in units of a thousand Determine the producers’surplus it the market FITIEE‘ is set at the equilibrium price. (Round your answer to the nearest dollar) $ 15.57 x Need Help? ? _ The management of the Titan Tire Company has determined that the quantity demanded x of their Super Titan tires/week is related to the unit price p by the relation,5 = 168 7×2 where p is measured in dollars and x is measured in units of a thousand. Titan Will make x units of the tires available in the market it the unit price is p = 72 + éxzdollars. Determine the consumers‘ surplus and the producers‘ surplus when the market unit price is set at the equilibrium price. (Round your answers to the nearest dollar.)consumer’s surplus 3; 341 33 Xproducer’s surplus ‘5 Need Help? ? ? ? 0 Type here to search

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