Declaration of independence in South Carolina

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Question in its Declaration of Secession, South Carolina uses the Declaration of Independence to establish.

Question 1 options:

a) that South Carolina is an independent state, which can secede if other states ignore the ends for which the Constitution was adopted

b) that South Carolina was an independent state before it adopted the Constitution, and can become one again if the Constitution is violated

c) that South Carolina is an independent state, which is free to secede if it understands the Constitution differently than other states do

d) that South Carolina is an independent state, which is therefore free to secede from the Union if it so chooses

Question 2

In its Declaration of Secession, South Carolina describes the Constitution asQuestion 2 options:

a) an act of the Americans of 1787, which has no force for the Americans of 1860

b) an act of the American people

c) an agreement between states

d) an act of the states of 1787, which has no force for the states of 1860

 Question 3In its Declaration of Secession, South Carolina describes the Constitution as specifically designed to

Question 3

options :a) protect the right of states to establish slavery 

b) protect the rights of slaveholders in states where slavery is permitted

 c) protect states from federal incursions on their sovereignty

d) protect the right of states to abolish slavery 

Question 4Which feature of the Declaration of Independence is NOT emphasized in the South Carolina Declaration of Secession?

Question 4 options:

a) the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

b) the claim that governments are instituted by humans for particular ends 

 c) a list of injustices done to those declaring independence

d) the obligation to declare one’s reasons for claiming independence to the world

Question 5South Carolina argues that states are free and independent even under the Constitution because:

Question 5

options: the Constitution needed to be ratified by the individual states the Constitution made clear that there are both slave and free states the 10th Amendment reserved other, non-enumerated powers to the states or the people both a and c

Question 6

Lincoln cites the phrase “to form a more perfect Union,” from the preamble to the Constitution, in order to argue

Question 6 options:

a) that the South has an obligation to remain in the Union in order to make it better

b) that the Union has been getting better over time

c) that the Union existed even before the Southern states ratified the Constitution

d) that the President has an obligation to better the Union by abolishing slavery

Question 7

Lincoln claims that the Union is perpetual because

Question 7 options:

a) the Declaration of Independence declared it to be perpetual 

b) it existed before either the Declaration or the Constitution

c) all governments are perpetual by their very natured) the Constitution declared it to be perpetual

Question 8

Lincoln acknowledges that the country is currently arguing forcefully over slavery. But he claims that these arguments do not undermine the Constitution because

Question 8 options:

a) understands all Americans as answering to the Almighty Ruler of Nations

b) the currently pressing issues about slavery are not specifically mentioned in the Constitution

c) can be amended to abolish slavery

d) rejects both anarchy and despotism

Question 9

Lincoln argues that the American people must be left to settle their arguments about slavery by majority rule. This is because the Constitution

Question 9 options:

understands all Americans as answering to the Almighty Ruler of Nations can be amended to abolish slavery rejects both anarchy and despotism is not a contract between free and slave states, but between all states considered as equals 

 Question 10

Lincoln mentions the Declaration of Independence but discusses none of its specific passages. This is most likely because

Question 10 options:

a) he is not sure whether the references to “inalienable rights” imply that slavery is wrong

  b) he does not believe that a people has the right to rebel against a government

c) he thinks the Declaration has been superseded by the Constitution as the

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