Decisions in paradise 3

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Write an assignment on decisions in paradise 3Then GT Corp should channel funds to establish the infrastructures needed for the school. As Education is a necessity for the youth of Kava, the school will have no problem in recruiting the local students.There are certain factors and/or considerations prevailing in Kava both in its internal as well as in its external environment, which could affect the deployment of the Business School. The first of the destructive factor that could affect the Business School are the ongoing problems with natural disasters. That is, with the Kava located in the Pacific, it has been and will also be under threat from natural and man made occurrences or destructions like Typhoons, Tornadoes, Floods, Fires, Volcanic eruptions, Earthquakes and Petroleum spill. These destructions will destroy the Business School if its intensity is greater and close to the school. These occurrences are a common phenomenon in the Pacific and Kava could be no exception to it. Also, with not so advanced technological setup and infrastructure, the whole island is like a sitting duck to the nature’s fury. Even if, GT Corp builds its Business School with inbuilt protections, there will be skeptics questioning its validity and pinpointing only the risk factors. And, if the skepticism also creeps into the different hierarchy of the corporation and into the minds of the stockholders or stake holders, the deployment will become difficult. That is, when the top management and the stockholders raise doubts about the project, the financial resources will be blocked leading to the failure of the project. Also, a great deal of financial resources will be again needed to rebuild or repair the Business School, if it comes under the fury of the nature.

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