Database for dry cleaners

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You have been hired to be a database consultant to help with an operational database for a dry cleaners here are tables:CUSTOMER (CustomerID, FirstName, LastName, Phone, Email)INVOICE (InvoiceNumber, CustomerID, DateIn, DateOut, Subtotal, Tax, TotalAmount)INVOICE_ITEM (InvoiceNumber, ItemNumber, ServiceID, Quantity, UnitPrice, ExtendedPrice)SERVICE (ServiceID, ServiceDescription, UnitPrice)Part A: The dry cleaners have the following employees: two owners, a shift manager, a part-time seamstress, and two salesclerks. Questions can be answered in a word document. Suggest a recommendation as to who should serve as database administrator. (Have in mind that this company is not sufficiently large to need or afford a full-time database administrator.)Suggest the nature of database administration activities at the dry cleaners. (Have in mind that as an aggressive consultant you can recommend yourself for performing some of the DBA functions. Definitions of users, groups, and permissions on data in these four tables with the employees listed in part A. A security scheme shown in Figure 6-16 as an example. (Keep in mind to include yourself)Part B (background information, for the questions that follow): As the consultant you are writing a stored procedure to create new records in SERVICE for new services that the dry cleaners will perform, it is also known that while your procedure is running, another stored procedure that records new or modifies existing customer orders and order line items can also be running. Also, a third stored procedure that records new customer data also can be running. Examples of a dirty read, a non-repeatable read, and a phantom read among this group of applications.What concurrency control measures could be appropriate for the part of the application that is developed?What concurrency control measures could be appropriate for the two other parts of the application?

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