Dance and National Identity

Prepare and submit a term paper on Dance and National Identity. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. &nbsp.Dance is a strong tool that has been used to communicate the values and practices of a particular people.Dance has been used to fuel national unity and promote the American Dream. For example, the program ‘Dancing with the Stars’ has been instrumental in proving that every American can live the American Dream (Kolb, 67). The show was started with the view of showing the power of ballroom dancing. The show soon became a darling to many American hearts who would tune in every day to see dreams come true. ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is a good example where dance has been used to bring a nation together. In this program, even the less fortunate one has the chance to excel based on their talent and willpower. The power of dance as a work art in transforming a nation has been evidenced by the success of this show.The power of dance can be seen in the lives of many young people who have grown out of strong artistic influences. For example, Jawole Zollar was able to put up with strong racial difficulties to achieve her dream of becoming a ballet dancer (Chatterjea, 12). Zollar began creating dances at a young age and soon gained the passion to pursue arts. She has now grown to a successful woman who uses art for social change. Zollar has been involved in many activities meant to empower women and young people using art. The power of art can be seen in many aspects of life. Zollar is an example of how dance can transform the life of a young girl born in Kansas City.First, I would start by analyzing the Goldberg performance of the early 70s was a strong took that displayed the American identity (Goldberg, 56). The show was organized by ordinary women from America who out to communicate with the public. At this time, Europe did not have many defined feminist shows like the one that was happening in America. Europe had been divided by numerous civil&nbsp.wars that broke out in many countries.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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