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Prepare and submit a term paper on Daft Armstrong’s book- Organization Theory & Design :Case for analysis: Hugh Russell Inc. Your paper should be a minimum of 750 words in length. Resource dependence view also outlines that the organizations are ultimately dependent on the resources and these resources originate from the environment. As such this view particularly endorses that the power and resources are actually dependent upon each other and as such the overall influence of an organization is largely determined by the combination of both. It is therefore of particular importance that Hugh Russel, Inc was dependent upon its bankers, shareholders and acquirers to ensure that it remains intact and continue to function as a going concern. The dependence of the firm also outlined that the firm could actually achieve the desired level of change, if it can allow its external resources to influence it in positive manner. This has been achieved through the development of informal networks within the organization to allow free flow of information to different stakeholders. The concept of collaborative network can also be applied in this situation and the facts presented in the case study actually highlighted the importance of the collaborative networks within an organization. Collaborative networks are considered as work-centric in nature because they are developed to complete the projects or solve problems under a corporate environment. This aspect of the networks outlined that the organization can actually pool its formal and informal resources in order to develop either formal or informal collaborative networks which can then contribute towards the achievement of a desired objective. In most of the cases, the need for developing the collaborative networks is based upon finding solutions for the problems which are multiple in nature and influence the organization as a whole. The formation of the informal networks among the employees of the Hugh Russel, Inc and subsequent formation of the similar networks with outsiders therefore clearly outlined that the collaborative networks were actually at play and contributed towards the development of viable solutions for the organization to get out of the situation which could have forced the firm towards bankruptcy. Hugh Russel Inc also benefited from the fact that it different stakeholders attempted to get to the bottom of the problem and allowed the consultants and advisers to freely communicate with the organization. This free flow of communication therefore allowed the development of such networks and created an environment within the organization which invariably supported such environment in order to achieve better solutions for the problems. Though population ecology is a relatively different concept however, within an organizational theory, it outlines as to how the different people can actually interact with their environment and evolve as a result of this interaction. The population ecology also demonstrates the change process which is adapted by the people living in groups and thus makes a definite step towards achieving the necessary evolution over the period of time. The facts given in the case study clearly supported the population ecology as it outlined as to how the employees of the organization adapted the process of change and created a system which was open enough to evolve on its own. The interaction with other stakeholders and groups also helped the organization to better formulate its strategy and find solutions for its problems.

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