Cultural Competency

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Compose a 750 words essay on Cultural Competency. Needs to be plagiarism free!Consequently, the changing cultural dynamics in the schools and society as a whole do call for a new approach to coming up with a culturally sensitive learning environment where each school going student feels welcome and significant. As a result, the changing cultural dynamics do require setting up of culturally competent schools where all students feel welcome in aiding them to participate fully in the learning environment and in promoting cohesiveness among students in these schools.Cultural competency in schools has emerged as one of the best ways through which to eliminate racial and ethnic differences in health care settings (Klotz, 2006). As the country becomes a diverse nation made of various cultures, clinicians, and other healthcare providers have to meet clients with broad perspectives on health, which are usually determined by the cultural and social inclinations of individuals. As such, clinicians have to meet patients who present their symptoms differently from what is illustrated in books. Moreover, these patients could have poor English proficiency, different expectations on care and some of whom do not adhere to recommendations as provided by the health provider. In such settings, a clinician has to be well trained on the best approaches to interact and offer quality care to such patients despite the different perspectives they hold. Considering that provider-patient communication is usually hinged on patient satisfaction, the possibility to adhere to instructions and the final outcomes (Betancourt et al., 2006), it would be expected that when there exist social-cultural differences between the patient and the clinician, the health outcome could be poor. Poor coordination in the clinician-patient relationship would lead to poor healthcare delivery to the population. As such, cultural competency in health related disciplines could help in improving care

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