Cross-Cultural Perspectives

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Cross-Cultural PerspectivesPlease watch the video below about globalizing the American pastime. The National Basketball Association (NBA) may be professional sports league with the most global potential. Americans aren’t big on European Football/Soccer and much of the rest of the world is not big on American Football (probably because Tom Brady wears UGGS). Let’s see if another sport can sell overseas like the NBA with Yao Ming in China and dozens of players in Europe. Let’s talk about selling Major League Baseball (MLB) outside of the North America, Korea/Japan and Latin America. Is this attempt to take a few young guys from a cricket-playing nation like India a good idea to increase sales to a new part of the world? The franchises make money from ticket sales, tv contracts, advertising in the stadium and on local tv and from jersey and other memorabilia.┬áIf you were running MLB, would you have a interest to spread the game to other countries or is this an American game? Please think sales. This means what is the target market,and take us through the four Ps.INCLUDE STATISTICS AND/OR DATAIs it just me or could you hear cash registers going off if the Tigers had a couple Asian-Indian players on the field. Remember- sports are about winning but even more so I think sports are about entertainment and making money for the owners and employees of the teams.

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