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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: CRJS300 U1IP.Boston Legal, on the other hand, shows judges and courts to be susceptible entities that can be manipulated and whose opinions can be changed in the favor of those accused.Castle and Dexter are shows highlighting operations and effectiveness of police department in solving crimes. There are limited instances where Policemen and detectives are shown as villainous characters. Mostly, they are law abiding professionals, following procedures and paying less attention to their human side which can introduce bias in their overall practice. It is important to note that Castle considers bad policemen to be an exception and a source of bad name for the whole department. On the other hand, Dexter’s leading character is a serial killer who assists Police department in forensic examination and only kills those who managed to escape from law. The overall approach portrays villainous nature of Dexter to have a just cause in murdering others. However, there are other detectives in the same show that support drug dealers like various real-life detectives (Edwards, 2013).Prison Break and American History X have shown correctional agencies especially prisons as hubs of ultimate corruption where punishment is more emphasized than rehabilitation and also as a centre of inmates politics. Furthermore, it is an institution run by corrupt officials like Bellick in prison break. There are also several real life examples of police corruption that support the theme of these shows about police corruption e.g. more than ten corrupt police officers in Atlanta charged with protecting drug dealers (Milligan, Paluska, & Starzyk, 2013, Edwards, 2013).A critical analysis of these shows would illustrate that a perception of a given authority in the show depends on its overall theme. Some of the shows have depicted criminal justice professionals as well as authorities to be righteous, law abiding individuals as well as

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