Critique on Salvador Dali’s

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Write an article on Critique on Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory.

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The essay “Critique on Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory” aims to analyze Salvador Dali’s famous painting called “Persistence of Memory”. When one thinks of eccentric modern painters, one of the first names that come to mind is that of Salvador Dali. Perhaps Dali’s most well-known artwork, and certainly the one that made him famous, is his painting “Persistence of Memory,” originally called “Melting Clocks.” By analyzing this surrealistic piece of art, one can begin to understand the concepts behind the “visual aesthetic thought” triangle “Surrealism attempts to further our understanding of the human condition by seeking ways of fusing together our perceived conscious reality with our unconscious dream state”). The Spanish painter became well-known in his lifetime for his unusual way of looking at things and his willingness to share these visions with the greater world population.

Dali’s images – his bent watches, his figures, half human, half chest of drawers – have made him the most famous of all Surrealist painters”. Typically painting images he saw in dreams or nightmares and consistently pushing the envelope in terms of subject matter, Dali had a wide range of interests that became reflected in his artwork, such as the work of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud or the mathematical genius of Albert Einstein, both of whose work have been associated with this painting. To create this painting in 1931, Dali said his limp watches were inspired by the remains of a very strong Camembert cheese.

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