Critique of a Clinical Nursing

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This study clearly identifies the facts that simply educating patients on appraisal of symptoms of myocardial infarction would not suffice to influence a rapid reporting to seek care and that the decision making is a complex process involving interplay of many factors that may be hitherto unknown by the caring staff. To promote a speedy decision making process in such a situation, an individualistic approach is to be taken, and the care staff may play a significant role in improving awareness in the population. The main problem is that myocardial infarction may present with a various array of symptoms in subsequent attacks, and the patients may fail to recognise it. This situation brings the population back to square one, they may be educated that future infarctions may well be different from the previous and the perspective remains unpredictable, and with age, the frequency of atypical symptoms increases.

Since many factors play roles in the process of decision making to seek help, and there is still possibility that other hitherto unknown factors may emerge in other larger studies, no single determinant will have absolute generalized principality. This study included population from a wide range of socioeconomic background, this had inadequate female presentation, and in contrast to the authors’ expectation, a real generalization is possible with a larger number of study population, and it is expected by authors themselves that these varied themes are not all inclusive, and new themes may arise. This essay makes a conclusion that care is not medicine alone, care involves all round facilitation of wellbeing on the face of an illness, as a result that demands a continuous update of knowledge.

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