Critical Success

Write a 12 page essay on Critical Success Factors of Dell Inc.

Public relations efforts and programs help to quicken bringing about the required outcomes in both corporate goals and competitive edge. Thus Dell has invested a lot in such public relations efforts. Since Dell consists of a multicultural staff, social factors such as religious behavior which may not be essential to the situation at hand have to be accommodated.&nbsp. Technological Influences:

It is innovative novel technology that has given Dell an edge over the rest of its competitors. Due to Dell’s recent acquisitions of such firms as Alienware and EqualLogic, its ability to make use of their technologies too in manufacturing new products.&nbsp. Economic Influences: The prevailing financial crisis has had a very negative effect on the ICT industry. At existing firm level cost-cutting practices were not very practical. By capturing emerging markets average and marginal costs could be brought down.&nbsp.

Legal Influences: Regulatory environment has had a major impact on Dell activities even though such rules have the desirable effect of quality improvement and cost reduction too. There is a high possibility that Dell’s competitors could come up with duplicate products infringing on its copyrighted and patent material.&nbsp. Opportunities: There are many different opportunities that are available to Dell in the ICT market worldwide. In particular, its acquisitions of other firms, outsourcing, and e-commerce activities have played an influential role in determining its success.

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