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According to the findings, critical thinking involves the technique by which we assess the information available to us. The very system of human belief and judgment is grounded on our ability to observe and evaluate what we see around us every day and to deduct from thereon. However, for most students, it is quite an ominous task to think analytically. The academic initiatives undertaken by Mike Wallace and Alison Wray have gone a long way in expanding the scope of further researches on the cognitive processes of critical reading and thinking. Likewise, Stella Cottrell has ventured beyond the pragmatics of thinking theories to present her unique viewpoints on aspects such as lateral thinking, reflection, logical reasoning and so on. Their works have long-term implications in sectors that involve not just formal education but also resource planning and allocation.

Academic contexts, in particular, have been extrapolated far too often for the liking of the academicians who want specialization of norms and practices for the study of cognition and reasoning. This essay is going to deal with an academic experience of mine at the renowned Cardiff Business School where I pursued a 3-year degree program. As a matter of fact, I was having difficulties with thinking and reading aptitudes. Eventually, I was able to train myself with a lot more assured and confident approach to my field of work. For making the necessary adjustments, I had to consult three books: Critical Thinking Skills: Developing Effective Analysis and Argument and The Study Skills Handbook by Stella Cottrell, and Critical Reading and Writing for Postgraduates by Mike Wallace and Alison Wray.

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