Crime prevention policies

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Write a 2 page essay on Background information about crime prevention policies.ograms have been launched around the world for the past decades, violence reduction has become more cumbersome for the policy makers due to lack of feedback where they can learn from experience (Harris, 2005).According to the research, the crimes, drug abuse and violence include individuals who are characterized with history of violence, poverty or originating from a community with high rate of residential instability. The University of New York on the other side launched clear and straightforward mission with the help of Public Safety Department. The mission was to create a secure and safe environment for the staff, faculty, students and visitors in order to pursue their aspirations and goals. Similarly, the University of Minnesota is also committed in maintaining security and safety to all individuals. The institute mainly focuses on providing same opportunities and educational access to everyone regardless of their sex, color, race, disability, national origin, sexual orientation and religion. The harassment act due to differences is therefore not tolerated in the school environment and is considered to a criminal offence (Campbell, et al. 2004).The University of Chicago Crime Lab tries to advance our understanding on how best we can reduce violence and crime through assisting the government agencies in evaluating new pilot programs. The main methods used are similar to that of the Adbul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab that uses experimentation in order to identify means of improving health and reducing poverty in the developing world, though their focus is closer to home. The Crime Lab was invented in 2008 and has been progressed by charitable seed funding from the University of Chicago Office of the Provost, the Joyce foundation and the Social Service Administration School. On the other hand, the University of Minnesota has various bodies that deal with Students who engage in criminal acts. These bodies include. Grievance policy, federal Law, and Student

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