Creative persons in the world

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Write a research paper on what type of creative person are you in other worlds, how are you creative how does your creativity benefit you. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. Creativity and How It Helps Me Human beings are born with some sense of creativity. Creativity, in simple definition,refers to the ability to apply imaginative ability to any undertaking. Personally, I consider myself a creative person. The creativity that I have could be described as deep and very artistic. I am a patient and very keen person. I usually do not rush into doing things or making conclusions. What I cherish most s taking my time to come up with creative solutions to whatever undertaking I might engage in. For instance, in everything that I do, I always have to include some artistic aspect to it. In terms of creativity, I am a person who pays attention to detail. In any situation, paying attention to the small things that any ordinary person would overlook enables me to always come up with creative solutions. In terms of artistic ability, I have done some poems and drawings which showcase my creativity. However, I can assertively state that creativity is not like talent. it is not naturally acquired. In contrast, it is an art which one has to learn to nurture. Once one gains the creative aspect, it becomes part of own lifestyle. My creativity benefits me in many ways. First, life presents different challenges that would require creative decisions to overcome. In such instances, I have always found solution to most of my problems through creativity. For instance, I was not born in a well of family. Consequently, I did not have enough pocket money as my classmates in high school. However, I made up for the money I did have by selling some paintings at a fee whenever there was an opportunity to do so. Besides, school work always demands creativity. Most of the questions asked during exams in subjects like mathematics or social sciences require engagement of some creative thoughts. In such cases, applying the knowledge gained in class is usually accompanied with some creativity. It is in such instances that I have come to appreciate creativity. In fact, in studies not requiring theoretical knowledge as a background, I have always excelled.The most significant aspect of creativity that has benefited me most is in my social life. Being a foreign student, it is a little bit different to get integrate with every student. However, as a creative being, I find myself easy while interacting with other students. During my first days in school, communication was not so easy given the speech impediment that I had. However, this did not bar me from communicating with my colleagues as I always came up with creative means of talking to them. Besides, friendships are struck through genuine creative conversations. I learnt the art and it has benefited me greatly. The rooms that we are accorded for accommodation in school are not usually so attractive. However, when you come to my room, it looks different and appealing to the eyes. This is because I have creatively decorated through careful arrangements of the little items I have. Besides, I have managed to create space which is good enough for free movement. In conclusion, creativity helps humans survive. In any challenge, it is the ability to think smart that helps. Work CitedOwens, David A.&nbsp.Creative People Must Be Stopped: Six Ways We Kill Innovation (without Even Trying). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2012.

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