Controversial Art

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Objectives This critical analysis | writing assignment-Controversial Art will demonstrate your ability to analyze a work of art you have been assigned, demonstrate your knowledge of all sides of the controversy, give insight to the intent of artist, as well as expand your writing skills and research abilities. Demonstrate critical thinking by researching balanced evidence. Evaluating what is good evidence. Write reflection including balanced evidence on the controversy. Ask thought provoking questions about the subject and or the controversy and try to answer them.

Instructions Your writing assignment consists of multiple parts: A biographical sketch of all controversies surrounding your assigned art work. Critical analysis of the artwork- your insight to the intent MLA work cited page

Instructions A. Biographical sketch of the controversies- This portion of the writing assignment should be comprised of biographical information on the controversies surrounding the art work.

* Length: At least 3-5 complete paragraphs but no less than 400 words. *Based on the writing assignments you have completed so far in class; I want you to write a reflection of all sides of the controversy on the work of the artist that is evidence based. *Include all sides of the controversy!

* Suggestions for material: Name of the artist, date of the artwork, artist context information, lifetime accomplishments, referencing works of art to support your interpretation, effects or impact on society, historical significance.

*Only include biographical information that gives insight to the artist intent and body of work. Remember to put all this information into your own words! *Read and research several recourses pertaining to your artist, the subject matter, and the controversy, at least four MLA citations for the essay.

B. Critical Analysis – This portion of the writing assignment should be your insight to the intent of the art work.

* Length: At least 4-5 complete paragraphs but no less than 500 words

*Write an essay clarifying and accounting your responses, your interest, excitement, or frustrations that relate to your selected work of art.

*Be creative in your descriptions, be thoughtful in your views, be respectful in your responses and take your time.

*You must base, at least, your description on the principles of design and the elements of art, as well as a combination or selection of meaningful materials, context, societal impact, and historical “importance” – using this specific vocabulary throughout the essay. *In your reflection of the controversy include your insight informed by the facts, other resources and evidence that reflects all sides of the controversy.

C. MLA work cited page * Provide a work cited page that goes at the end of your essay. *Include at least 4 sources. *If you fail to provide a bibliography – you will receive an automatic deduction of points. Do not forget to include this!

When writing on your assigned work of art ask yourself: What is compelling about the work? Explain. What understandings, of the artwork, do I already possess? Explain. How will I convert my responses into words, for the reader to share my insight? Provide the artist’s full name, title and date. Does the title give you any clues or expand your understanding of the art work? What is the medium/media? How does the medium inform your interpretation? Give a description of the work. Make direct comparisons between what you are “looking” at and what you are thinking and feeling. What is the artist process? What did the artist have to know or do to produce this work of art? Does the process inform the meaning of the work of art?

Essay Checklist: Is your essay correctly formatted? Have you checked your grammar, punctuation and spelling? Have you followed the assignment instructions? What are the controversies? An evaluation. Have I stated my thesis and topic sentences clearly? Have I supported my arguments (main points of emphasis) with sufficient details and explanations? Description of the artwork (using Art 103 terminology), objective review. Do I have a sense of what the reader knows and thinks about the issue/art work? Elaboration is needed. Is the organization of my thoughts, on the subject matter, clear? Have I stated my interpretation clearly, fairly, is it informed and worth reading? Have you indicated in your essay why my readers should care about the meaning of the artwork? Evidence based critical analysis. MLA work cited page

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