Containing and eradicating a pandemic

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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Containing and eradicating a pandemic.Yee et al. (2009) identify sixteen HA and nine NA subtypes. Low pathogenic AIVs cause respiratory diseases and low mortality in birds. High pathogenic viruses cause systematic disease that lead in turkeys and chickens.The origin of AIV began in 1990s in Hong Kong and recently spread beyond Asia, Europe, and Africa. Researchers were able to isolate some sick birds in Guangdong Province in China in 1996. In 1997, a boy from Hong Kong was infected with H5N1. He later succumbed to respiratory failure. At the end of 1997, the death toll of H5N1 victims in Hong Kong claimed 18 human lives and all live birds market. Researchers associate the death of H5N1 victims to the infected birds since upon the closure and depopulation of LBMs, human death ceased. The early epidemic investigations associate human cases and the exposure of LBM system in Hong Kong. The HA from human cases and subsequent H5N1 outbreaks in Asia genetically relate to the issue of birds in Guangdong. The lineage of the 2003-2006 H5N1 epidemic roots genetically from isolates in 1997. H5N1 HPAI continues to spread across Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, and Hong Kong in domestic and wild birds. Human cases H5N1 resurfaces in Vietnam in 2003 that began another epidemic in Southeast Asia with sporadic cases in Europe, Africa, and Middle East. Currently, there is a global concern on the possibility of a outbreak of AVI influenza isolated human case HPAIV H5N1 continue in several Asian countries, and this could mutate to a form spreading rapidly to humans. Most of the human cases have a history of very close contact with infected poultry .inhalation of infectious droplets is the most common route of infection asSince October 2003, there has been 60percent case-fatality rate with most of the documented cases human cases dying (Lenes et al. 2010). In addition to humans, birds, fowls, and poultry died from

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