Consolidation settlement

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Attachment 1Attachment 2Consider the soil profile shown below . Engineers add 10 ft of compf compacted fill with a unit weightof 135 pot on top of the clay . Based on their calculations , they expect approximately 2 ft ofconsolidation settlement to occur . A piezometer is installed at the bottom of the clay layer inorder to monitor the time rate of consolidation . At some point in time the height of water in thepiezometer is 13 fi above the initial ground surface . Determine the followinga ) How much time has passed since the fill was added ( report your answer in days ) ?b ) How much consolidation settlement has occurred at this time ( report your answer in feet ) ?A structure cannot be built on the site until all of the consolidation settlement but 2 incheshas occurred . How many days must they wait until construction can begin ?d ) Recommend an engineering solution toeering solution that would allow them to begin construction in 30days or less( worth 25 points )1ISPOP1 10 FXClayYsat = 100 pot0 = 1.5Cr = 0.0CC = D .AC . = 0 . 2 t 2 / dayRock ( impervious )

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