Conflict management and negotiation

Conflict management and negotiation. (2011).  

Retrieved from versus mentoring what’s the difference? (2010). Retrieved from, K. (2017, May 16). 3 Negotiation strategies for conflict resolution. Retrieved from, S. (n.d.). A strategy of constant change. Download the pdf. To learn more about a variety of strategies related to initiating change, please read the Discover chapter (pages 17-38).Vath, C. (n.d.). Advising styles, skills & inventory. Download the pdf.Rowe, M. (n.d.). Negotiation; Theory and practice N101. Download the pdf. MITPart 1Research storytelling as a leadership tool.

Tell a story that could potentially help someone reach their potential AND resolve a problem or conflict. You are strongly encouraged to use/create a story that is reflective of your special background (ethnic, cultural, or any other). Minimum of 300-words for your original post, use your own words only and reference your sources.

Part 2

Now is the time to comment on your journey: Please write a letter to yourself commenting on your achievements and indicating your plans to continue developing. Be specific, fair, and plan well. Do not forget to answer the following questions in your paper: Who are you as a Leader? What are your strong points and what are your developmental goals? What will you be able to contribute to your future organization? How?

This is a sample question

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