Compounded quarterly

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If you deposit $4,469.00 at 7.89% annual interest compounded quarterly, how much money will be in the account after 20.0 years? If you deposit $125.00 into an account paying 12.39% annual interest compounded monthly, how many years until there is $36,851.00 in the account? What is the value today of receiving a single payment of $59,418.00 in 4.0 years if your required rate of return on this investment is 15.15% compounded semi-annually?If you deposit $482.00 at 10.28% annual interest compounded daily, how much money will be in the account after 14.0 years? Suppose you deposit $990.00 today, $362.00 in one year, and $594.00 in two years in an account that pays an annual rate of interest of 18.63% . How much money will be in the account after three years?

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