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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Comparing the treatment of a major issue since the beginning of 2014 in one Asian country(China, South/North Korea, Japan, India or Pakistan).While at the same time another local press release in China potent that such democratic process being referred to in Taiwan is a (flawed) democracy. Simple comparison between China and Taiwan from the media has shown that these differences have been there. As a result that exists in terms of geographical and demographical differences between the two countries. Times Magazine has reported that there are other factors which may promote the adoption of a democratic governance system in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) as that of Taiwan due to the presence of similarities between the two countries which include. shared history and similar cultural orientations of the Taiwanese and Chinese people.

Apart from the favorable characteristics, other hindering factors according to the local media reports include the presence of huge foreign investors in Taiwan, which is absent in China (Breslin, 2013).As a result of these, it has been put clear by both the local and international media that such comparison does not portray similarity even though they are beneficial. The International media have provided three general sets of indicators for comparison of these countries. These indicators include. support for democratic values among the population, economic development (GDP per capita) and the political participation levels among the population. As such, the media have strived to provide an understanding of a political transition of the countries with the aim of putting forward a better understanding.

Research findings have both from press reports and scholastic evidences have shown that both PRC and Taiwan were originally ruled by undemocratic regimes for a long period. As a result, there have been considerably significant qualitative political and economic transitions in both countries.

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