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Provide a 2 pages analysis while answering the following question: College students’ Perception o the use of social network tool for education learning. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Literature Review College Perception on the Use of Social Network Tool for Education Learning Proliferation ofinternet has revolutionized virtually all aspects of human life. One of the primary benefits of internet is the ability to provide different platforms in which information exchange takes place. Social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, among others provides supportive learning environments if well utilized. However, the success of social networks as a pedagogical tool primarily depends on the user’s perception. Aghaee Naghmeh (2010) found out that a significant number of undergraduate students appreciated use of social media platforms such as Facebook because of its flexible nature. His study found out that many students were strongly supportive of internet learning platforms because the platforms made learning easier. Aghaee’s findings correlate with Beltran and Belle studies, which found out that most participants ““strongly agreed” and “agreed” that they had better engagement using social networks” (p.77). Mok, established “91.7% of students going online daily” (2012, p. 141) with largest number opting to use Facebook. Irwin, Ball, Desbrow and Leveritt (2012), however, seem to raise the question on the effectiveness in blending social platforms into school curriculum in order to have meaningful performance impact. Enriquez Angelo (2014) on the other hand investigated the effectiveness of a virtual network as a learning tool. He interestingly concluded that a significant percentage of study participants perceived Edmodo as an invaluable pedagogical tool. Buzzetto found out that participants perceived YouTube as a passive rather than active learning tool. This is because YouTube provides ‘Past’ information in form of videos. Indeed, according to Irwin, Ball, Desbrow and Leveritt (2012), most students “perceive benefits through enhanced communication, interaction, and flexibility in course content delivery” (p.1230).The research will primarily focus on Northern Colorado undergraduate and graduate students. The rationale for using undergraduate and graduate level students is because they are the most active group on the use of social media. Whereas use of social media seems fairly divided across both genders, the research will aim at finding any interesting outcomes in regard to gender. The perception on use of social media has a large dependence on the age of users. The fact that the study will be carried out in a college setting sets the age bracket to 18-28 years. The study will also put into consideration the ethnic diversity across the college. While collecting study sample, care will be taken to consider different ethnic groups. It is expected that perception will show some variation based on ethnic orientation. Considering the second year students have already adapted to college life, this level will be the most appropriate for the study. Third and fourth year students may be busy with studies to agree to participate in the study. The survey will consist of 50 students from different courses but in the second year of study. The study sample will be randomly collected with age, ethnic background, and history of use of social media as factors for consideration. The use of questionnaires has been one of the best tools for data collection. In this study, structured questionnaires will be administered to the study participants. After successful data collection, a T-test method of data analysis will be used to analyze the raw data from the questionnaires. The primary reasons for using T-test data analysis method is that it can be used in a relatively small study data. The T-test is very helpful when a study involves both dependent and independent variables. ReferencesAghaee, N. (2010). Social Media Use in Academia. Campus Students Perceptions of How Using Social Media Supports Educational Learning. Uppsala University. Retrieved from Beltran, M & Belle, S. (2013). The Use of Internet-Based Social Media as a Tool in Enhancing Student’s Learning Experiences in Biological SciencesBuzzetto, A. (2014). An examination of undergraduate student’s perceptions and predilections of the use of YouTube in the teaching and learning process. Interdisciplinary Journal of E-Learning and Learning Objects, 10, 17-32. Retrieved from Enriquez, A. (2014). Students’ Perceptions on the Effectiveness of the Use of Edmodo as a Supplementary Tool for Learning. De La Salle University. Retrieved from Irwin, C., Ball, L., Desbrow, B. & Leveritt, M. (2012). Students’ perceptions of using Facebook as an interactive learning resource at university. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 28(7), 1221-1232., J. (2012). Facebook and learning: students’ perspective on a course. Journal of the NUS Teaching Academy, 2(3), 131-143. Retrieved from

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