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The cockpit will inform them the positions to be in order to avoid any encounter (Weber, 2011).However, proper information has to be fed to the pilots for them to make accurate decisions. Cockpit visual display systems rely solely on highly reliable and accurate mathematical algorithms that correctly tell the cockpit the right air path that the pilot should maintain in order to avoid collisions. Despite the many lives that the cockpit has already and is still saving, the problem lies with the vision of the pilots. Does the lighting system of the cockpit affect the eyes of the pilots?

The human visual sense has so many limitations that make it had to adapt to the complex environment in the air. The three dimensional movements and high speeds present in the air are too demanding for the human eye. Furthermore, the human vision is prone to illusions especially at night or when there is poor lighting. Since the human eyes cannot be relied upon to safely navigate through the air, the best substitute is automatically the cockpit. However, the cockpit system should not be a hazard to the pilots because as the eyes’ performance keeps waning, the higher the risks of accidents occurring (Aviationknowledge, 2012).The human eye has two color receptors: Rods and Cones.

The cones are found at the center of the Retina while the rods are found at the periphery of the retina. Cones are responsible for photonic vision used when there is light while Rods are responsible for Scotopic vision used in darkness or when there is poor illumination. During the post World War II era, all aircrafts utilized the red light for the cockpit lighting since it did not degrade adaption of the eye to darkness (American Optometric Association, 2011). Nowadays, cockpits are made up of white light that is poor at preserving visual sensitivity for viewing. White light cockpits are being used today because they do not distort the true color of objects. Furthermore, red lighting.

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