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A Classroom-Based Scenario. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The lesson on historical artifacts was prepared well, as there were actual items to be explored by the class. Children find it stimulating to really touch objects as if they feel helps them retain the lesson better. However, it seems that the teacher did not plan well the execution of the activity because the children seemed to be at a loss on what to do. The holding back of information regarding the artifacts might have been deliberate, as the teacher may want to know if they can figure these things out themselves. After a discussion of the lesson, the teacher sent them on tasks that were not equally stimulating.

One group (drawing of artifacts group) may envy the task of the other group (actively exploring the artifacts to really get to know these and make intelligent guesses as to the function and make of the material unless they switch tasks after a period of time. There may have been a lack of artifacts to go around. To augment this, books with real pictures may have been used, or the children may have been given homework to know who can lend Greek artifacts to the class. In that case, parents will know what is happening in class too and they are given an opportunity to participate in their child’s schooling by searching the house for the artifact needed. Human resources may also be lacking in the number of children in the class.

There was only one adult apart from the teacher and this is not enough. The teacher does one on one coaching, but could not concentrate on the children with her that she also divides her focus among the children. This left her stressed, as manifested in her impatient behavior with Fiona in helping her with a math task, and guilty, as she cannot concentrate on Robert, who she needed to coach individually because he has learning disabilities and requires more specialized teaching.Part of classroom management is the designing of a learning environment suitable for the&nbsp.students.

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