Classical social theory Rationalization

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This paper provides an analysis of the social rationalization theory. In meeting its objectives, this paper provides a summary of the concepts of rationalization, and it discusses through illustrations, how this theory is able to provide an understanding of the society. Under the concepts of rationalization, Weber understands it, based on the benefits that it gives to an individual, the general society, which is under bureaucratic organization, and understanding this concept through magic and mysteries. In advocating for the theory of rationalization, Weber explains that the society is characterized by intellectualization, rationalization and disillusion of this world. Weber explains that the rationalization of the society began with the protestant movements, and the emergence and rise of capitalism. This is because these movements were able to shift the efforts of human beings, for purposes of achieving an economic advantage or gain (Berberoglu, 2005).

Weber continues his analysis of rationalization by studying bureaucracy, and providing a classification of legitimate authority under three major categories, namely charismatic, traditional, and ratio-legal. The ratio-legal is the dominant form of legitimate authority that is seen in the modern societies. With the emergence of these situations, Weber denotes that the society was moving towards rationalization. Calhoun (2012) explains that rationalization is seen in the current society because of the dominance of capitalism, and the fall of other ideologies such as communism, and socialism. In proving his assertions, Calhoun (2012) first identifies the major characteristics of this concept of rationalization. Calhoun (2012) explains that rationalization is characterized by great changes in psychology, culture, religion, and ethics. These first emerged in Western Europe.

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