Christianity and Navajo Creation Stories

Write an essay on Christianity and the Navajo Creation Stories.

The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

This paper will focus on two creation myths. the Navajo and Christians creation myths (Goodings 2008). The Navajo creation story is very complex. It starts in a world of darkness on a piece of land surrounded on four sides by water. Each side had a unique definition and it represented direction and color. The East was represented by the color white, yellow for West, black for North while blue represented the South. On the piece of land were the insect people. No god was present as compared to the biblical account (Stan 1989). There was no creator but only the emergence of the insect people in a piece of land surrounded by water on all sides. It can be compared to a small island. After the insect people left the first world, they would go to the second world that was composed of the bird people. They would be asked to leave after arguments between them. Furthermore, when they emerged into the third world, they would meet the grasshopper people.

They were traveling to different worlds to look for other people. On the other hand, the mountains that existed also faced specific people. However, when they traveled to the North, they came across a farming community known as the Pueblo people that taught them how to farm. They were also taught survival techniques (Santella 2002). At this point in the creation myth, the first god appeared to the insect people during the first autumn. The god was named as the talking god who appeared with the other four gods. The four gods were distinguished in terms of color.

There was a Blue body, White body, Yellow body, and Black body. The Black advised the insect people to portray and be human-like and fewer insects. He also advised them to cleanse themselves so that they would be like gods and that the gods would appear to them after twelve days (Curtin 1969). After the end of the stated period, the gods returned with the Black and Blue body gods carrying buckskins while the White and Yellow body gods carried with&nbsp. them similar colored ears that were in the form of corns.

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