Child Care

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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Child Care.Written permission must also be obtained from parents for children to participate.Several related activities are planned before, during, and after the excursion to maximize the learning experiences for this activity. Before the field trip, the teacher talks to the children about the cooking activity they will have in relation with their lesson.He or she will discuss the ingredients needed and ask the children where they could possibly get these ingredients. This will lead the class on their trip to the grocery. The class can talk about their own experiences when going to the grocery. They can have list of the things they expect to see in the grocery. The teacher can lead the children to generate questions they wanted answered on the visit. The teacher can group the class into group of fours, and give assigned tasks during the field trip. One group may look of the wet ingredients, another may look for the dry ingredients, another group can draw and takes notes of other things they saw in the grocery, and another group may interview a staff in the grocery. This will give the group purpose and focus during the trip.During the field trip, the teacher will use the generated questions as a basis for what to look for and ask about at the grocery. He or she makes sure that every child has the opportunity to observe and participate in purchasing the ingredients and the assigned task. The teacher must also take pictures of the experience.After the field trip, the children can report on their assigned tasks. They can share their answers to the previously generated questions. They can also write thank you notes or cards for the staff who entertained them, and the parents who drove them to the grocery. They can look at the pictures taken from the activity and write a story about their trip. They can also set-up a make believe grocery in their Dramatic Play Area. The ingredients bought will then be used for the cooking activity as

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