Chemical reaction equation

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(a) How would a balanced chemical reaction equation for sodium sulfate in purified water look, including the chemical state of each species (i.e. s, l, g, aq) __________(b) Consult the solubility table below to deduce whether any chemical reaction will occur. If so, write out a balanced chemical reaction including the chemical state of each species. If no reaction is expected, simply write “no reaction”.Hint. As an example of how to approach this problem, consider mixing aluminium chloride & potassium hydroxide solutions. The mixed solution contains Al3+, Cl-, K+, and OH- ions. According to the solubility table, chloride ions form soluble salts with most cations including both Al3+ and K+ so no chloride salt is expected to precipitate. Hydroxide ions form soluble salts with K+ but insoluble salts with most cations including Al3+, and so Al(OH)3 would be expected to precipitate as solid particles, so that the solution would have a milky appearance. This reaction would be written as            AlCl3(aq) + 3 KOH(aq) ® Al(OH)3(s) + 3 KCl(aq)·    Magnesium nitrate with sodium sulfate __________________________________________·    Calcium nitrate with sodium sulfate _____________________________________________

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