Character analysis with Character questionnaire

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Write the following on Character analysis with Character questionnaire (FRANK COSTELLO in THE DEPARTED(2006)). Write a 500 word paper answering; Teacher Character analysis of Frank Costello in The Departed The character of Frank Costello as portrayed in the script from 105 to107 is that he is a leader of a mob or a syndicate involved in illegal drugs. He is already in his 70s and has a very strong character. He is an affluent man with how the setting was portrayed with him drinking brandy on the bar as he quizzes Billy about a suspected snitch among his people. The classical music played in the background hints that Frank Costello is a sophisticated man and is fond of the arts.He is also good in scrutinizing people and people in general fear him. Frank Costello is a violent man. He will not hesitate to kill his people no matter how many are they if they double cross him or if they become a snitch of the police. He narrated that there was a time he killed everybody because they are putting his business in danger by conniving with the police. Frank Costello is a “smart guy” which means he got his education in the streets rather in the university. He is a street smart guy rather than a “book smart” guy. The way he quizzes Billy shows his experience in the street such as when he asked if “William” is trying to tell him something when Bill shows resistance with how he quizzes him. Instead however of being threatened, he liked the guy which also shows that Frank likes strong people to be around him. Frank Costello’s childhood and background is not clear in the script but it can be inferred that he grew up in the streets and did not only survive but also prevailed to become the leader of a syndicateFrank Costello is already an experienced man. In the line 106 where he said “Tell the truth, I dont need pussy any more,but I still like it” is really a figure of speech that he had been through it all and is no longer motivated by beautiful women and money. It is also an indication that Frank Costello is an accomplished man and had all the women and money that anyone could desire. With regard to money, he already had it early in life when he had the “milk money” of Archie in the third grade.Having all those experiences, Frank Costello is already careful about the business. He knows what snitches can do to him and the business and is doing everything he could to identify and weed them out. He is already old and do not want to spend retirement in jail. This explains why he took the time to quiz Bill in the bar and how serious he is in dealing with traitors.The way Frank Costello quizzes Bill showed his acumen in dealing with people as well as in extracting information from them without the use of force. This can be learned from experience of which Frank Costello had a lot. ItPart 2I have been in the syndicate for all I can remember and nobody crosses me. I know a snitch when I see one. And it will be stupid if I will not dispose of him or her no matter who the person is in my life be it my wife or mistress. If he or she puts the organization, he should be rid off. I do not care if I have to kill everybody around me for as long as it keeps the business safe.I am very successful in this business and got the money to live off without working at an early stage. The women came along with it. It is really the power that keeps me going and for the love of this organization. I am not sure if Billy knows something so I better ask him and he better not screw me up. I may be old at 70 but I can still give him a good whack. His brandy may taste good but that will not exempt him if he crosses me. I already told him that I will not hesitate to kill anybody if it endangers the organization. I will not be in this business for so long if I do not have the stomach for a kill.As it turn out, Billy knows no nothing and he does not intend to cross me. He knows that I will put a bullet on his head if he screw me. But being old himself, he no longer fears for his life and I like the way he challenges me. Looks like he is an honest and loyal man I might ask him as one of my close in crew.Work Cited”The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb).”&nbsp.Departed, The Script at IMSDb.Web. 9 Dec. 2014. .

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