Challenges in Contemporary Youth Culture

Write an essay on Challenges in Contemporary Youth Culture. It needs to be at least 500 words.The first challenge that Veda experienced in the film My Girl is direct and indirect death. Direct death came about when she lost her mother and Thomas, her best friend. It was so painful that she even lived in self-denial refusing to accept that she had lost people who were there for her in times of need. Besides, Veda lived in a funeral home thus. she faced indirect death. Her father used to work with corpses on a daily basis, and she also used to interact with people wailing and crying because of losing their loved ones. That environment alone exposed her to indirect death, and she could not cope due to her young age.Another challenge that faced Veda which is also common among children and adolescents is attention. In many occasions, she attempted to display bizarre behavior just to gain the attention of her father. Nowadays due to the busy schedules most parents have neglected their parenting duties and do not find enough time to spend with their children. Many children and adolescents desire to be loved and shown affection by their parents, and that can only happen if the parent spends enough time with them.In addition, the challenge of self-esteem is apparent in the film. Every adolescent would love to be accepted and appreciated by his or her peers. In one of the scenes in the film Veda asked Shelly if she was pretty. In another scene, a group of girls teased her for being associated with boys such as Thomas. These two instances demonstrate that at some point she did not appreciate herself and some of her peers criticized her which was a great challenge to her.The most effective way of dealing with children and adolescents and helping them cope with these challenges is empathy. According to this approach it is not enough to be in tune with clients feelings instead it is important to convey the understanding of what client feels. Regarding Vedas case it is was necessary

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