Central Banking

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In a discussion around Central Banking, address the following issues: The Fed is the central bank for the United States; other countries have their own central bank. Identify at least 3 of the World’s Central Banks. Investigate each – what is the level of money currently in the money supply of that country? Pick one of the 3 Central banks you identified in bullet #1 above. Go to the website for that Central bank. What types of information regarding their operations, organizational structure, and the performance of their national economies can you find on that Central bank’s website? What types of information do you believe a central bank’s Web site should make available to the public? Why? Through discussion and example, provide a detailed discussion of the Federal Reserve’s structure and how they are organized today. Discuss the tools at the Federal Reserve’s disposal relative to managing inflation. If the Fed Chief wanted to reduce inflation what specific actions do you think the fed chief would do and why?

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