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Using my Deforestation Proposal create a case study -The case study should written up as a Word document and be no more than 4 pages double-spaced no including references (MLA or APA). On the word document you should have: a title, your name, the case study, and work cited (APA or MLA).Environmental ScienceDeforestation Case Study Proposal:    I have decided to conduct my case study on the issue of Deforestation. This is an issue that has been around for quite a while and it is vastly getting worst. Though the issue of Deforestation is happening everywhere it seems to be very prominent in certain areas of the world such as Russia, Brazil, China, United States, Canada, Australia, Congo, Indonesia, Peru and India. I want to focus this case study in the area of the United States within the southern region of Georgia. In the state of Georgia there are about 3 counties that are reported to have a steady increase in losing trees. Each of these counties are growing rapidly in population growth and the need for certain resources are rising. The controversy of this issue extends across a wide spectrum when discussing the pros and cons.  Many people have no problem with deforestation and sees advantages in this process such as (1) providing residential land, (2) allows for agricultural land, and (3) offers job opportunities. Just as there are people who have no problem with this issue, some view this as a major issue in our environment. Cons with this problems are issues such as (1) It harms wildlife and destroys their habitat, (2) It causes soil erosion, and lastly (3) It affects the water cycle. These issues may seem small to some but with the effects of our environment being harmed it is a major problem and should be treated as such. In this case study I want to shed light using all facts to show how deforestation is affecting the environment in both good and bad ways. The United States is gravely being impacted from this issue and because I am from the state of Georgia, I want to research what is happening here. References for my Case Study:Bradford, A. (2018, April 03). Deforestation: Facts, Causes & Effects. Retrieved from, P., Tumpach, C., Cook, C., & Izlar, B. (2018). Effects of the sustainable forestry initiative fiber sourcing standard on the average implementation rate of forestry best management practices in Georgia, United States. Forest Policy and Economics, 97, 51–58., J. (2013). Deforestation and Land Clearing. Encyclopedia of Biodiversity, 447–456., A. (2008). Regional Comparative Advantage, Location of Agriculture, and Deforestation in Brazil. Journal of Sustainable Forestry, 27(1/2), 25–42., B. (2017). Harnessing Energy Markets to Conserve Natural Resources? The Case of Southern U.S. Forests. Florida State University Law Review, 44(3), 995–1040. Retrieved from  HYPERLINK “”

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