Carmen Camry

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Answer the picture below. Should have everything you need to get it doneM(Graw—Hl||( x " ?owed idenlilymanag 3: "33 Mail| x E Su’a Cravensle x "E NFL leballT- x E ESPN:"IEWC x 9 7 X C I 3 Secure I httpawnewconnect.mheducationsomg‘flowfconnect‘htrnl {fl 5 Chapter 2 Connect Homework 0 Saved Help Save 5 Eli! Submit 1 0 Hequlreu Irlrormnuon AUse the following information for the Exercises below.[The following information applies to the questions displayed below. ]Part 3 of 3_ Carmen Camry operates a consulting ?rm called Help Today, whlch began operations on August 1, On August 31, thecompany’s records Show the following accounts and amounts for the month ofAugust.2polnts .Cash 5 25,369 E. Camry. Withdrawals $ 6,889Accounts receivable 22,368 Consulting fees earned 27,899Office supplies 5,259 Rent expense 9,559eBonk Land 44,306 Salaries expense 5.680Office equipment 28,866 Telephone expense 859H’Int Accounts payable 18,568 Miscellaneous expenses 529lPnnlRelerences Exercise 2-18 Preparing a balance sheet LO P3 Use the above information to prepare an August 31 balance sheet for Help Today. [Hint Compute the owner’s capltal account balanceas ofAugust 31,) Next

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