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Create a thesis and an outline on Calvin college. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. October 23th To Whom It May Concern, It gives me great pleasure in recommending one of my best church members, Ms. Lim, to enter your undergraduate program for the next fall semester. As the youth leader of her bible study group, I have been impressed with her diligence, honesty, and faith in God. She is one of the few members who have never skipped my bible class. I first got to know her in autumn 2009 when she started attending our church. The very first time I met her, I thought that she was a shy person. Yet, she was willing to join in lunch with other group members in order to get to know them better. After a month, she came to ask me if she could join the bible study group at church. I was pleased by her willingness to become closer to God. In addition, she is now one of most active members in our church. she has become a Sunday school teacher. In terms of her attributes, she is a very helpful and hardworking person. One character weakness that I would point out is that she is not the type of person to open her heart to a group of people who she does not know well. I know that she wants to become a nurse in order to achieve her dreams of becoming a medical missionary in a poor country, to help poor people, and also to preach the gospel. I highly recommend her because I believe in her faithfulness to God. One of the reasons that she chose Calvin College is because she believes that Calvin College can help her to become a successful nurse. I am certain that she will be one of the more promising students in your program and I know that she will succeed in the future.

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