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Write an assignment on business planing. tract, extended warranty, free mobile phone pickup and drop facility for registered customers are sure to enable the managers to position the company competitively in the market.Currently, the US economy is considerably stable with an invariable interest rate. Inflation rate is also very less compared to other countries. The lower interest rate and inflation will allow the company to reduce the operating costs as well as the cost of sales which in turn will enable the managers to increase the margin of profit. The economic legislations in the US are considerably flexible and it encourages new business to come forth and set up their foundations which in turn will add to the growth of the economy.Given the fact that San Diego is the third most populated city in California, it provides Zaet Mobile home accessory with enormous scope to target a large base of potential customers. The total number of households in this part of the country stands at nearly 1 million with an average household income of $61,426 (Simons, 2011). The middle class to upper middle class income range stand between $75,000 and $215,000 (Pontuch, 2012). The high income earners earn more than $215,000 per year (Sillard, 2013). The large population combined with a high concentration of stable income households provides a ready market for Zaet Mobile home accessory which can be targeted in order to achieve business development and growth (Sillard, 2013).Zaet Mobile home accessory will be primarily engaged in the repair and maintenance services of mobile phones. The services will be extended to households in San Diego California. In addition, the business will also be selling mobile phone accessories such as cases, headphones, chargers, Bluetooth headsets and earphones. Alongside providing repairing and maintenance services of mobile phones, the company will also be providing consultancy services to its customers regarding the optimal usage of mobile phones and other associated accessories.

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