Business Model Assessment

Compose a 2500 words essay on Business Model Assessment…vity, for stabilising emergent properties from creative activities and for maintaining the stability of these by anticipating revenues (Fuller T, 2010).This shows that while it is important to have a vision and mission for any organization, it is also equally important to ensure that the same is valid and headed to the same direction. The Business Model Canvas is one of the strategic management tools that is essential for the development of both new, and existing business models to ensure that there is proper running of the same. The model is able to bring forward various value propositions to ensure that the infrastructure, finance and customers are all catered for in the best way possible. This, according to Osterwalder (2010), helps a company to deal with the various trades-offs that are expected to be run within the whole business.On the other hand, Boyd R. Keenan (Dec, 1961) has been a keen critic of the religious following of the various business model. The author thinks that there is no one unique way that the business would be able to develop a tailor-made solution for all its processes. This means that while the business models may be very important, they need to be followed with great care as they do not provide a one stop solution for all the problems that affect the business. The models should not be followed blindly with an effort to achieving whatever objectives set. This may not be so easy to achieve. There is need to exercise caution when it comes to how models are adopted.The business model canvas can be represented by the illustration below. This marks the main outline of the canvas model where one needs to insert the various models just to act as the guide for the said process of analysis.This section seeks to determine who are in the business and it incorporates the structure of the organization. It is often said that for any business to be able to play well in the market, their connections are very key. Tapscott and Williams, (2006)

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