Business communication and practice

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Write an article on business communication and practice within the early years environment Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Presentations – very popular method of communication in every business organization, usually involving audio and visual material, including reports, proposals, and material prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint. Another thing important in business communication is called Empathy (understanding of another’s feelings). Empathy is all about placing yourself in someone else place. It’s all about understands the needs of people as in general context and colleagues, customers, and employees in the context of business organization.

Developing interpersonal communication skills are vitally important in today’s business environment (Taylor, 2005). Even though if an individual is working in any area and contributing to the workplace, he/she will need to communicate effectively with their top management i.e. boss as well as customers. Almost all kinds of work, activities, and functions of any organization require communication and interaction among their colleagues and employees. Some people communicate with their colleagues for their benefit as well as to get success at their job (Greene, 2003).&nbsp. When we communicate, we don’t actually exchange ideas, we exchange symbols that stand for ideas. Words are just symbols that do not have basic or inherent meaning. we simply use them in certain ways to convey an idea or give it a meaning.

Communication and symbols will be delivered in words and language. Our social and cultural environment also affects communication because every culture has its own language and its own way to convey or deliver messages (Streissguth, 1997).Interpersonal communication skills would be largely dependent on cultural background and unique histories. There is a reality that when two people meet each other after a long time chances will be that, they are less effective at communicating with each other than they did before.

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