Brazil, Canada and China

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Write an essay on To develop an understanding of what has happened in Brazil or Canada or China over the last two years. Paper must be at least 1000 words. It is important to point out that Canada strategized on the way forward as far as the aforementioned achievements are concerned. In particular, Canada targeted economic transformation for better economic results, enhanced domestic and international partnerships, and effective resource management by the government through the central bank (Fitzpatrick, 2014). These strategies further sought the collaboration and involvement of the Canadian people as the sole beneficiaries of the government’s economic efforts.Successful running of the Canadian economy is evident through the effective and efficient balance between the outlined economic goals and strategies. With objectives and strategies at hand, the government moved to implement its operations in regards to enhancing Canada’s economic performance. The first move was directed towards government institutions that serve the Canadian society at different levels. In this move, the critical factor was Canada’s diverse society. The government mobilized resources through its agencies to reach out to the people and promote diversity, and inclusion. In essence, every member of the society was crucial in the recent Canadian economic transformation.Secondly, the government and all its agencies support the notion of cooperative relationships. Different players in the economy contribute to national economic progress, an aspect that led the government to reconsider its relationship with these parties. As a result, the government, through the central bank, set aside adequate resources that further develop a relationship of cooperation and collaboration. The outcome was more cohesive and consistent economic progress in many sectors of the Canadian economy.Most importantly, the last two years saw the Canadian government enhance its practice of treaty management for strong economic growth (OECD, 2014). In essence, treaty management encompasses agreements that are

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