Blowing the whistle on police violence

Compose a 1750 words assignment on blowing the whistle on police violence. Needs to be plagiarism free! “This article highlights a number of issues related to the witnessing of ‘illegal’ police violence by researchers” (Westmarland, 2001). The researcher focuses on a very sensitive issue i.e. the violence committed by police. The main purpose behind this research was to make the general population including the higher authority aware of the violence propagated by police so that a mass awareness can be developed against it. This article uses the ethnology study to reason out the factors for these types of violence. It unfolds many facts regarding the various degree of violence. This report will discuss the research methodology applied by the researcher and the extent to which this methodology is feasible for this subject. The validity of the outcome of this research will undergo various critical studies and suitable recommendation will be discussed and analysed. Westmarland in his article has identified the specific behaviour of police that leads to violence in society. This research can be termed as the outcome of ethnographic research. The researcher has devoted a considerable amount of time to study police violence through the ethnological study. Westmarland has himself been a first-hand witness to various situations as a fieldworker and therefore have seen the situation more clearly. The fieldworkers are appointed to observe the real-life violence committed by police. To analyse the qualitative aspects like human behaviours the ethnographic research plays a very significant role. “One primary difference between ethnography as science and other social and behavioural science methods of investigating is that ethnography assumes that we must first discover what people actually do and the reasons they give for doing it before&nbsp.we can assign to their actions drawn from our own personal experience or from our professional or academic disciplines”.&nbsp.

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