Benjamin Franklin

Prepare and submit a term paper on Benjamin Franklin 2. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. Most of the colonial population in America during the time of Franklin was English speaking and of British origin. They were spread over four regionsnamely, the Plantation South, the Middle Colonies, New England and Frontier. Most came from similar economic and social backgrounds and they were predominantly Protestants. Franklin earned fame as a statesman in trying to resolve the issue with the British colonies. He was sent to England to protest against the influence of the Penns in the government of the colony. Initially he was representing Pennsylvania but later was asked to represent Georgia, New Jersey and Massachusetts as well. In fact Franklin made several visits to England to ease the problems that was being faced due to the British colonies. The British governed the colonies through a board of Trade, members of Parliament and finally headed y the Crown. The situation in Pennsylvania was such that the youth was uneducated and there was no provision for defense. Only the children of rich or whoever could afford were educated. The colonies depended on cheap labor as Franklin observed how a frail feeble woman would sweep the entire length of the road for a few pence. Franklin found that the streets were not promptly cleaned and were poorly lit. Corruption prevailed and the tax system was unjustified. To keep guard at night, watchman collected an equal amount from a person who had a small plot and even from a rich man who had a huge mansion. Franklin indicates that slavery and exploitation ruled the colonies and the common people succumbed to such bonded labor out of desperation. He felt this was unjustified and protested against this. Franklin set up Academies and Societies for the benefit of the society at large.Franklin drew up a plan for the union of all colonies under one government to streamline the defense and other problems. His plans were approved although several of the commissioners had formed similar plans. A committee was formed that comprised of one member form each colony. The plan was finally not approved as the British thought it was too democratic. Yet another plan along the same lines to unite the colonies was rejected despite have public interest in it. Franklin realized that public measure should not be adopted from previous wisdom but should depend upon the occasion. Franklin observed that the colony governors prevailed upon their deputies to pass no act for levying the necessary taxes whenever there was any expense to be incurred for the defense of their province. To ensure that these deputies adhered to such instructions, they even took bond from these deputies. The British government had opposed the plan for forming a union for the colonies lest this union should challenge their own strength. To avoid a union, the British government sent a General to handle the situation but he slighted and neglected the Americans as well as the Indians. The attitude of the British created a feeling of animosity within him and was responsible for him turning into an abolitionist.

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