BCR-ABL oncogene and the ERBB2

by | Jul 17, 2021 | Argumentative Essay

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Using either the BCR-ABL oncogene or the ERBB2 (HER2/NEU) oncogene as your example, describe one specific molecular alteration which plays a role in cancer development, and discuss how it has been exploited to improve cancer treatment. This tends to mimic findings on the NSCLC prompted by EGFR mutations (Yarbro, Debra and Barbara, 15).The discovery on activation of mutations amidst the kinase domain in the ERBB2 offers additional therapeutic opportunities and possibilities. Upon conducting an experiment. Researchers noted that mutations of the ERBB2 would be insignificantly influenced by EGFR-TKIs. Conversely, ERBB2-directed TKIs depicted properties of anti-proliferation. Neratinib(HKI-272) had restored hope in the ERBB2-mutant NCI-H1781 cell lineup with preclinical data however, the resultant evaluation of registered a different finding. Patients presenting with EGFR that drives lung cancers were used in the noted evaluation whereby the findings indicates lack of support for the single agent inhibitor(McKinnell, Parchment, Perantoni, Pierce and Ivan, 23).

Competitive inhibitors such as the TKIs prevent the ATP form attaching onto its natural site. This occurs because the small molecules TKIs portray higher affinity to ATP binding site within the kinase region. TKIs within the ERBB molecules can be categorized broadly into reversible and irreversible inhibitors. The reversible inhibitors include lapatinib, erlotinib and gefitinib. They can be produced from the receptors. On the other hand, the irreversible inhibitors include afatinib, dacomitib, pelitinib and neratinib.

These inhibitors modify the receptors covalently (McKinnell, Parchment, Perantoni, Pierce and Ivan, 24)In part as a result of the constitutive active formation of the ERBB2 could be preferred as the dimerization associate for the rest of the family members of the ERBB. The ERBB2 heterodimers exhibit higher potency for transmitting signals from the extracellular sources. These potency occur despite the availability of four receptors. The functions of these receptors mainly involve allowing numerous pairings which contributes towards unit patterns in the pathways of downstream engagement.

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