Average velocity

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Any help on these questions will be much appreciated.1. An automobile travels 540 km in 4 hr 30 min. What is its average velocity over the entire 4.5 hr time interval?2. The position of an object at time t is given by s(t). Find the instantaneous velocity at the indicated value of t.a.s(() = 31 – 5 at t = 4b.s() -alt – 23.Rocket Launch A toy rocketis launched straight up in the airfrom level ground. The distance(in ft) the rocket is above theground (the position function) isf(t) = 170r – 16r- at any timef (in sec). Find(a) f'(0)(b) The initial velocity of the rocket4. Find the derivative, if it exists, of the function at the specified point.f(x) = 2x + 4×2 at x = 2

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