Assessment Challenges

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Write an essay on Assessment Challenges. Paper must be at least 1750 words. A provost serves as a senior administrator in institutions of higher learning. The provost also acts as the chief academic officer in a university (Texas State University, 2015). The office is responsible for overseeing all educational programs and offerings. The individuals who serve in this position have to oversee academic policies and faculty affairs. They are also expected to handle personnel matters. It is crucial to acknowledge that the provost is also responsible for ensuring that all the educational programs and offerings are consistent with the mission, vision and values of the institution. In order to achieve their mandate, they should supervise all the senior academic staff in the university.The role of a provost evolves as the educational institution changes. As the school becomes bigger, the position acquires additional responsibilities. Another responsibility is to work with the leaders of the university in order to implement the strategic plan of the University. In addition, provosts are responsible for staff recruitment and retention (Texas State University, 2015). They have to ensure that the institution creates an attractive environment for top teaching talent.One of the most important responsibilities of a provost is to safeguard the quality of the student experience. In order to achieve this objective, one has to understand the issues affecting students and their expectations. It is simple to fulfill this responsibility when one cares about young people. In addition, it is necessary to learn about young people and the things that occupy their minds. One should also believe that students should enjoy a good learning environment (Texas State University, 2015). The position involves the need to oversee the implementation of quality learning standards.Provosts occupy a senior position in a university. As a result, their peers respect them. They are responsible for understanding the relevant

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