Aspects of the transfer of training

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In a two to three page paper, discuss some of the aspects of the transfer of training. What are the primary factors that play a role in the success of the process? How can application of the training objectives be sustained? What are some of the challenges? The paper must use APA style, 3 sources From the instructor not follwing this rule cost me a failing grade. Please be aware of another point; even if you properly credit everything with proper in-text citations and a good reference list, you can still run into problems. When I ask for support in a paper, I am not asking you to give me a ton of quotes or truckloads of paraphrased materials. What I want to see is your work — your critical thinking and analysis — supported by research. As a rule, there should never be more than 10-15% of source material in any paper. Using more than that falls into a practice that we in the academic world refer to as “quote dumping”.”

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