Artificial Intelligence

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Submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Achievements, Examples, and Limitations of Artificial Intelligence. Modern society consists of sophisticated machines developed from artificial technology. In lieu of this, various arguments arise with concerned viewpoints on advanced technology. The discussion on achievements by artificial technology is necessary. A further consideration is on the discussion of limitations to such technology.Achievements of Artificial IntelligenceArtificial intelligence (AI) generates controversial domains that question computer science since the onset of the 1950s. The field has numerous scientists with various goals underlying the functionality of such marvels. AI research projects are motives by scientists of varied viewpoints and interests. Other ventures into such fields with particular reasons later unveiled in the final products built. AI is a significant scientific field that dominates in the field of modern technology and innovation. The sector develops marvels of varied natures with a significant impact on the world economy. Such change includes the application of artificial intelligence to generate machines of high technology (Forsyth, & Ponce, 2003). The major areas of application in AI include game playing. A particular form is the game of chess built on human intelligence with an ability to focus on different angles at the same time. Speech recognition is another field that AI dominates largely. Machines that use the speech recognition technology include the computer installed in aircraft. Some airline companies use the technology to key master cities and numbers in the advanced devices.A standardized computer is still a reference case study with the ability to understanding the natural language. The devices master text, allow input modes, and understand typed words through a set of commands. The advancing computer technology also allows for the use of single dimensions data. Progressing computer technologies also facilitate two and three-dimensional input of data. Other significant application includes the expert systems that perform sophisticated duties based on human intelligence. The expert systems perform structured tasks to deliver the desired results. An MYCIN is an expert system that has the capability to diagnose a human body given specific instructions (Himanshu, 2014).

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